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Litigation Support
As part of our clients’ legal teams, we act at the direction of their attorneys in difficult and contentious circumstances. While we are often brought in prior to the commencement of litigation to provide our unique perspective on issues of strategic importance, we also assist at every juncture up to and including providing testimony during grand jury proceedings and/or at trial.
Client and Witness Interviews
As a detective, Nicholas Casale was trained in the art of interrogation. As a result, attorneys often bring in Casale Associates to facilitate and conduct the interviews of key witnesses in personal injury, trusts & estates, and employment matters. These interviews result in coherent and concise transcripts and/or affidavits which are crucial to the case.
In addition, as clients can be evasive or unable to communicate necessary information, attorneys will often request that a member of Casale Associates attend the initial client consultation or meet with the client individually to discuss issues of utmost relevance to the case.
Expert Witness Testimony
Because of Nicholas Casale's extensive and unique experience with the New York Police Department, Metropolitan Transit Authority, and security industry, he is often called upon to consult and testify regarding issues of police procedure, transportation security, and private security tactics.
Nick has significant experience assisting attorneys in formulating the theory of the case, preparing expert affidavits, and testifying at trial. His regular TV appearances make him a natural on the stand.
Extraordinary Service of Process
Law firms often seek out Casale Associates to track down and serve individuals who they are unable to locate or who are actively avoiding service. When attorneys want to demonstrate to opposing parties that the lawsuit is a serious matter, they engage our services because they know the service will be handled in an efficient, professional and appropriate manner. They also know the accompanying affidavit and proofs will negate any question from the court regarding service so they can immediately move forward on the merits of the case.
We have experience serving high profile persons and assisting international law firms in the service of process on US-based individuals.
CASE IN BRIEF Investigate Your Client
A high profile entertainment attorney requested that Nicholas Casale perform an interview of his celebrity client in connection with allegations regarding sexual misconduct. Nick was able to secure a full confession from the client which allowed the client's legal team to handle the allegations in an ethical and strategic manner.
Background Reports
We perform extensive background checks utilizing information collected and culled from public and non-public repositories, including records and data available only to a licensed private investigator.
These background reports are useful in verifying an individual's identity, locating assets, verifying credentials, searching for adverse litigation, and unveiling any criminal history.
Background reports can help attorneys to locate and scrutinize key witnesses, opposing parties, and even clients. They also assist clients who believe their identities have been stolen to determine the full extent of any damage done.
CASE IN BRIEF Witness Research
Casale Associates was brought in to perform background research in a trusts and estates matter in a heated battle over hundreds of millions of dollars. Our background reports were used to locate and verify the identities of key witnesses on both sides of the dispute, setting up the groundwork for interviews by Nicholas Casale and depositions by the law firm.
Critical Incident Response & Crisis Management
Our attorney partners and longstanding clients often call our firm at the first hint of trouble. They refer their closest friends and family members to our firm whenever there is a crisis, be it an arrest or a scandal. Although Mr. Casale's vast experience in the public domain coupled with his extensive contacts within the private sector make him a logical go-to for advice, it is his uncanny ability to pinpoint critical issues and suggest the best creative solutions that keep him on our clients' speed dials.
Our ability to help clients navigate the legal process can prove invaluable to them. Our knowledge of the inner workings of government, a world foreign to most, allows us to provide advice that calms nerves, speeds up the process, and better guarantees a just result.
Police-Involved Matters
When our clients are involved with law enforcement, we can serve as a liaison with the relevant agency and secure statements and evidence in preparation for trial or litigation.
Similarly, when our clients become aware of existing arrest warrants, we can accompany them to the District Attorney's Office or other law enforcement agency to facilitate their surrender in a safe and proper fashion.
Media Incidents
When our clients face situations that are likely to garner bad and unwanted press, we provide real-time advice and coaching so that r the story is squashed or spun to our clients' advantage.
Suspension and Termination of High Level Employees
When an executive team or board of directors faces allegations of misconduct by an executive, equity partner, or other high-level employee, we can provide consulting regarding proper procedures and timelines. And, when tensions are running high, we place security onsite to ensure the safety of the company's assets and personnel. During the employee's suspension, our attorney investigators can provide an internal investigation into the allegations at issue to assist the executive team and board in their decision regarding how to move forward.
CASE IN BRIEF Navigate The Legal Process
A hedge fund principal called Nicholas Casale when his wife called the police to have him arrested for assault. Nick immediately met with the client at his residence, served as a liaison with law enforcement during the arrest process, and assisted the client's counsel during his arraignment and after his release.
We provide strategic and efficient surveillance and counter-surveillance of children and adults for our clients in a variety of contexts.
Family Crises
Often it is family members who are the first ones who are alerted to their loved one's troubling new behavior or relationship. Especially in the case of high net worth individuals and families, not all chance encounters are harmless - nefarious motives maybe the underlying impetus to new friendships and relationships. Wrongful influences can have a devastating impact on your loved one's social and professional life. In these scenarios, our investigators' first-hand observations, supported by photo and video evidence, are crucial to uncovering the full picture and allowing families to move forward in the right direction.
Especially in a matrimonial action, it is important for you to know who is coming into the picture and interacting with those you love. Your children may be placed in a new environment with strangers that you know nothing about. A spouse's new significant other, relative, or friend can pose a threat to a child's wellbeing. Knowing and watching what is going on is important for your child's sake and your own peace of mind.
Our surveillance often examines relationships and interactions with home health aides, domestic staff, and nannies when there are suspicions of abuse or mistreatment.
Surveillance can also determine whether your employee is working another job or engaging in other behavior which is in breach of his or her employee agreement.
Prior to filling an important executive position, the board of directors may request Casale Associates provide surveillance to ensure that the candidate’s lifestyle is in line with the companies goals and policies.
Criminal Defense
Attorneys may request that Casale Associates investigators follow key witnesses for the prosecution to verify their statements and observe their behavior.
Especially in New York City, surveillance can give landlords, management companies, and cooperative boards conclusive evidence that their tenants or owners are operating in breach of existing lease agreements or bylaws. Although this evidence comes at a cost, it can be used by our clients to accelerate or avoid eviction proceedings -- allowing for savings on legal fees and increased profits in the long run.
CASE IN BRIEF A Form of Due Dilligence
A large company hired Casale Associates to perform surveillance on an individual being considered for an executive-level position. Covert surveillance by Casale Associates investigators determined that the would-be CFO was buying into poker games at $100,000/night and the company avoided a potentially catastrophic hire.
Fraud Investigations
Whether a whistleblower makes an allegation of fraud or a company owner discovers troubling irregularities - Casale Associates can provide an independent, objective investigation into the allegations. These investigations entail the collection and analysis of necessary documents and electronic data, the identification of relevant persons for interviews, and the compilation of a sophisticated and intelligible report to assist the employer in pursuing criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation.
CASE IN BRIEF An Objective Assessment of Employee Fraud
An ultra high-net-worth individual requested that Casale Associates lead an internal investigation after allegations surfaced that a personal assistant was stealing from the company. Our investigative team performed interviews, reviewed documents and emails, compiled financial reports detailing the full extent of a fraud that surpassed $1 million dollars, and drafted a comprehensive, investigative report, which allowed the client to pursue criminal prosecution followed by a civil settlement.